La escisión del voto en la competición electoral multinivel de La Rioja : elecciones municipales y autonómicas, 1983-2007


  • Alberto Sanz Cazorla Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Split-Ticket Voting in Multi-Level Electoral Competition: Regional and Local Concurrent Elections in La Rioja. This paper intends to shed new light on the causes of vertical split-ticket voting in concurrent multi-level regional, and local elections. Up to now, differences in electoral outcomes in concurrent elections in La Rioja have been understood as a product of differences in the supply of candidatures in regional and local elections. In this research evidence in favor of two new alternative explanations is presented. In one hand we find that Riojan ticket splitters show a particular ideological and socio-demographic profile, and that they tend to base their vote on candidate valuation more frequently than the rest of the electorate. In the other, Riojan ticket-splitters weight their regional and local electoral choices in a different manner: while they are salient for basing their local vote in personal interests (egotropic vote), they outstand in the regional arena by using regional (sociotropic) interests as criteria for issuing their vote.