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Vol 11 (2013) 'Better a witty fool than a foolish wit': on punning styles of Shakespeare's pedants and jesters Abstract   PDF
Magdalena Adamczyk
Vol 14 (2016) 'Glocalization' in post-9/11 literature. "Burnt shadows" by Kamila Shamsie Abstract   PDF
Adriana Kiczkowski
Vol 10 (2012) 'Real English' in Japan : team teachers' views on nativeness in language teaching Abstract   PDF
Sean Sutherland
Vol 12 (2014) 3D in history of the English language: Learning a L2 through history, context and cross-cultural experiences Abstract   PDF
Ana Sáez-Hidalgo, Laura Filardo-Llamas
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature A Chicano childhood experience Abstract   PDF
Amaia Ibarrán Bigalondo
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics A cognitive view on bilingualism and "bilingual" teaching and learning Abstract   PDF
Susanne Niemeier
Vol 10 (2012) A constructional approach to condolences Abstract   PDF
Nuria del Campo Martínez
Vol 16 (2018) A critical discourse approach to Benjamin Martin’s preface to "An introduction to the English language and learning" (1754) Abstract   PDF
Dolores Fernández Martínez
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos A Defence of the Cliché Abstract   PDF
Adolphe Haberer
Vol 15 (2017) A fragment of the world, a piece of human consciousness: Tim Bowling’s "The Bone Sharps" (2007) and "The Tinsmith" (2012) Abstract   PDF
Leonor María Martínez Serrano
Vol 4 (2004) A functional interpretation of locative prefixes in english Abstract   PDF
Eulalia Sosa Acevedo
Vol 14 (2016) A new measure for Thai students’ vocabulary size: the English-Thai version of vocabulary size test Abstract   PDF
Supika Nirattisai, Thanyapa Palanukulwong
Vol 8 (2010) A Spanish portrait : Spain and its connections with the thematic and structural dimensions of "For whom the bell tolls" Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Marín Ruiz
Vol 11 (2013) A spanish university case study: user’s perception of blended methodology used for english foreign language learning Abstract   PDF
M. Teresa Martín de Lama
Vol 12 (2014) A Translemic Analysis of Maria Edgeworth’s "L’Absent ou La famille irlandaise à Londres" (1814) Abstract   PDF
Carmen María Fernández Rodríguez
Vol 4 (2004) Abuse and authority in the chester cycle : A socially-based discourse Abstract   PDF
Begoña Crespo García
Vol 17 (2019) An analysis of the punctuation of the Middle English "Letter of Ipocras" in London, Wellcome Library, MS 405 Abstract   PDF
Teresa Marqués-Aguado
Vol 13 (2015) An analysis of the textbooks for teaching English for medical purposes in the former Degree in Medicine at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Abstract   PDF
María Jesús Vera-Cazorla
Vol 7 (2009) An empirical study into complete-beginner siblings learning aural and written English Abstract   PDF
Elaine Hewitt
Vol 14 (2016) Analysing corpus-based criterial conjunctions for automatic proficiency classification Abstract   PDF
Ángeles Zarco-Tejada, Carmen Noya Gallardo, Mª Carmen Merino Ferradá, Isabel Calderón López
Vol 16 (2018) Analysing cultural aspects in EFL textbooks: a skill-based analysis Abstract   PDF
Antonio Raigón-Rodríguez
Vol 16 (2018) Analysing digital communication: discursive features, rhetorical structure and the use of English as a lingua franca in travel blog posts Abstract   PDF
Daniel Pascual
Vol 4 (2004) Analysing stance in American and Spanish business management RAs : the case sentence-initial "retrospective labels" Abstract   PDF
María Pilar Mur Dueñas
Vol 15 (2017) Analysing teachers' roles regarding cross-curricular coordination in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Abstract   PDF
Víctor Pavón Vázquez, María del Carmen Méndez García
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Anaphoric Reference to Entities and Places in Literal and Metaphorical Contexts Abstract   PDF
J. Lachlan Mackenzie
Vol 9 (2011) Aphorisms and Philosophy : Contextualizing Aphoristic Texts-Assumptions about Subject-Matter Abstract   PDF
Marco A. Ángel Lara
Vol 15 (2017) Approaching Erasmus students’ intercultural communicative competence through their socialisation patterns Abstract   PDF
Gloria Gutiérrez Almarza, Ramiro Durán Martínez, Fernando Beltrán Llavador
Vol 3 (2002) Arguments or macroroles? : Two functional approaches to Old English quirky case Abstract   PDF
Francisco Javier Martín Arista, Laura Caballero González
Vol 9 (2011) Armengol, Josep M. (ed.) 2011. "Men in color": Racialized Masculinities in U.S. Literatura and Cinema. New Castle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing Abstract   PDF
José Díaz-Cuesta Galián
Vol 16 (2018) A.S. Byatt and the “perpetual traveller”: a reading practice for new British fiction Abstract   PDF
Nicole Flynn
Vol 13 (2015) At the crossroads between literature, culture, linguistics, and cognition: local character-based metaphors in fairy tales Abstract   PDF
Javier Herrero Ruiz
Vol 14 (2016) Beat women poets and writers: countercultural urban geographies and feminist avant-garde poetics Abstract   PDF
Isabel Castelao-Gómez
Vol 10 (2012) Beyond belief : the crisis of faith in A.S. Byatt's fiction Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Anne Johnson
Vol 16 (2018) Borders and cosmopolitanism in the global city: “London River” Abstract   PDF
Ana Virginia López Fuentes
Vol 11 (2013) Boyz out the hood? Geographical, linguistic and social mobility in John Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood Abstract   PDF
Andrés Bartolomé Leal
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos "Bridge-uri, router-e si switch-uri" : On Romanian Computer Language Abstract   PDF
Hortensia Pârlog
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature Camel bird's "The White Garden" : symbols and images in a space of their own Abstract   PDF
María del Carmen Rodríguez Fernández
Vol 9 (2011) Carmelo Cunchillos Jaime (in memoriam) Abstract   PDF
Melania Terrazas Gallego
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Carson McCullers and Lillian Smith : The Intersections of Gender and Race in the Jim Crow South Abstract   PDF
Constante González Groba
Vol 14 (2016) Causes of business english speaking anxiety in the Balkans Abstract   PDF
Slavica Cepon
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Challenging Systems of Lexical Representation Abstract   PDF
Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Ricardo Mairal Usón
Vol 15 (2017) Charity institutions as networks of power: how Anzia Yezierska's characters resist philanthropic surveillance Abstract   PDF
Rebeca E. Campos
Vol 3 (2002) Chaucer's "makyng" of the Romaunt of the Rose Abstract   PDF
Jordi Sánchez Martí
Vol 17 (2019) Collocation and Selectional Preferences: A Frame-based Approach Abstract   PDF
Moisés Almela-Sánchez
Vol 9 (2011) Coming Terms with 21st Century Bristish Politics : An interview with Toby Litt Abstract   PDF
Betsabé Navarro Romero, Toby Litt
Vol 3 (2002) Complex structures in Role and Reference Grammar : some problematic cases Abstract   PDF
Ana Ortigosa Pastor
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics Conceptualization of events, semantic relations between constructions and topology : a catastrophe theoretic study of "get" and "be" Abstract   PDF
Juana Isabel Marín Arrese
Vol 8 (2010) Contesting identities : Representing British South Asians in Damien O'Donnell's "East is East" Abstract   PDF
Sarah Zapata
Vol 3 (2002) Contradiction and ambivalence : Virginia Woolf and the aesthetic experience in "The Duchess and the Jeweller" Abstract   PDF
Laura María Lojo Rodríguez
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Cormac McCarthy's Grotesque Allegory in "Blood Meridian" Abstract   PDF
Manuel Broncano
Vol 14 (2016) Counter-revolutionary transformations of Charles I in Burke, Austen and Scott Abstract   PDF
Dani Napton, A. D. Cousins
Vol 3 (2002) Defining in English : a tool to measure writings abilities Abstract   PDF
Purificación Sánchez, Pilar Aguado Jiménez
Vol 3 (2002) Designing new genre identities in scientific and technical discourse: cognitive, social and pedagogical implications Abstract   PDF
Carmen Pérez-Llantada Auría
Vol 17 (2019) Designing the Lexical Rules for the Parsing of ASD-STE100 Function Words in ARTEMIS from a Role and Reference Grammar Perspective Abstract   PDF
María del Carmen Fumero-Pérez, Ana Díaz-Galán
Vol 3 (2002) Diane Larsen-Freeman. 2000. Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching. Second Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 189 pp. Abstract   PDF
María Dueñas Vinuesa
Vol 9 (2011) Discourse Markers as a Strategy of Code-Mixed Discourse in a Galician-Spanish-English Community Abstract   PDF
Carmen Pena
Vol 10 (2012) Dissection of Patricia Cornwell's feminist woman detective Kay Scarpetta Abstract   PDF
Carme Farré Vidal
Vol 15 (2017) Do anxiety and English proficiency level affect writing performance in second language (L2) learning? Abstract   PDF
Clemente Rodríguez-Sabiote, Lidia Serna-Quiles, José Álvarez-Rodríguez, Rosa Pilar Gámez-Durán
Vol 9 (2011) Do you "(Mis)Understand" What I Mean? : Pragmatic Strategies to Avoid Cognitive Maladjustment Abstract   PDF
Jesús Romero-Trillo, Elizabeth Lenn
Vol 11 (2013) Doing gender in conflict talk: an analysis of gendered discourses in a U.S. reality TV show Abstract   PDF
Chit Cheung Matthew Sung
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