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Vol 9 (2011) Editing Middle English Medical Manuscripts : The Case of Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 509 Abstract   PDF
María Laura Esteban Segura
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Editor's note Abstract   PDF
María del Mar Asensio Arostegui
Vol 17 (2019) Empathy for Social Justice: The Case of Malala Yousafzai Abstract   PDF
Ana Belén Martínez García
Vol 3 (2002) "En Route" : narratives of travel and displacement in contemporary Canadian writing Abstract   PDF
Pedro Carmona Rodríguez
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos English Studies : A Note on the Birth and Uses of the Term Abstract   PDF
Susana Onega Jaén
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature Eurocentrism in hybridity : a critique of Charles Van Onselen's "The Seed is Mine: the life of Kas Maine, a South African Sharecropper 1894-1985" Abstract   PDF
Brian Worsfold
Vol 17 (2019) Exploring the L2 Motivational Self System in Spain: Study Design and Preliminary Findings Abstract   PDF
Imelda Katherine Brady
Vol 8 (2010) Fallen women and the London Lock Hospital Laws and By-Laws of 1840 (revised 1848) Abstract   PDF
María Isabel Romero Ruiz
Vol 15 (2017) Fernández-Caparrós, Ana (2015). “El teatro de Sam Shepard en el Nueva York de los sesenta”. Valencia, Biblioteca Javier Coy: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Valencia. 222 pp. Abstract   PDF
Mª Laura Arce Álvarez
Vol 7 (2009) Fielding and Italian Opera Abstract   PDF
Charles Trainor
Vol 9 (2011) Frances Burney and Female Friendships : Some Notes on "Cecilia" (1783) y "The Wanderer" (1814) Abstract   PDF
María del Carmen Fernández Rodríguez
Vol 4 (2004) From aithirne the importunate to Robert McLiam Wilson : a preliminary overview on the Irish satiric tradition Abstract   PDF
Juan Francisco Elices Agudo
Vol 9 (2011) From "Corner Shop" to "Corner Man" : Conceptual Relations and Context in the Creation and Interpretation of Noun-Noun Sequences Abstract   PDF
María del Carmen Portero Muñoz
Vol 13 (2015) George Ridpath’s use of evaluative adjectives as manipulative and persuasive strategies during the War of the Spanish Succession (1710-1713) Abstract   PDF
Raquel Sánchez Ruiz
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos God(s) Fall(s) Apart : Christianity in Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" Abstract   PDF
Juan Fernando Galván Reula, Enrique Galván Alvarez
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics Grounding politeness Abstract   PDF
Lorena Pérez Hernández
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos "Hard as the metal of my gun" : John Cornford's Spain Abstract   PDF
Stan Smith
Vol 9 (2011) Hickey, Raymond (ed.) 2010. Eighteenth-Century English: Ideology and Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Abstract   PDF
María Losada Friend
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature History as a discourse in Jeanette Winterson's "The passion" : the politics of alterity Abstract   PDF
María del Mar Asensio Aróstegui
Vol 13 (2015) I am nobody: fantasy and identity in Neil Gaiman’s "The Graveyard Book" Abstract   PDF
Tsung Chi Chang
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos "I Don't Want Carmelo Reading This Twice" : Nonfinite Syntactic Alternation Governed by "Want" in Contemporary English Abstract   PDF
Javier Pérez Guerra
Vol 10 (2012) Icarus and Daedalus in Toni Morrison's "Song of Solomon" Abstract   PDF
Manuela López Ramírez
Vol 7 (2009) Idiomatic variation in Nigerian English : implications for standarization in the context of globalization Abstract   PDF
Dele Adeyanju
Vol 4 (2004) Iftekharrudin, F., Boyden, J., and M. Rohrberger, Eds. 2003. "Postmodern approaches to the short story". Westport, Connecticut and London: Praeger. 156 pp. Abstract   PDF
José Francisco Fernández Sánchez
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics Imagination and nonliterality : a case study of superhuman entities in religion Abstract   PDF
María Dolores Fernández de la Torre Madueño
Vol 16 (2018) Indecorum, compromised authority and the sovereign body politic in “The Fortunes of Nigel” and “The Heart of Mid-Lothian” Abstract   PDF
A.D. Cousins, Dani Napton
Vol 16 (2018) Inflectional Variation in the Old English Participle. A Corpus-based Analysis Abstract   PDF
Ana Elvira Ojanguren López
Vol 13 (2015) -ING suplementive clauses and discourse prominence in literary journalism Abstract   PDF
María-Ángeles Martínez
Vol 17 (2019) Jean Rhys: the Writings of a Woman Touched by the British Empire Abstract   PDF
Francisco Javier Gil Jacinto
Vol 4 (2004) Language advisers and their role in self-access centres Abstract   PDF
Marta Navarro Coy
Vol 16 (2018) Leadership and cultural frames in Wole Soyinka’s “The strong breed” Abstract   PDF
Ifeyinwa Rita Obiegbu
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics Lexical structure, lexical concepts and metaphorical concepts : the case of "change" verbs in English Abstract   PDF
Jesús M. Sánchez García
Vol 11 (2013) Lexical-constructional integration in non-prototypical English middles: the role of high-level metonymy as a motivating factor Abstract   PDF
Pilar Guerrero Medina
Vol 9 (2011) Linde López and Crespo Jiménez, eds. 2010. Professional English in the European Context: The EHEA Challenge. Bern: Peter Lang Abstract   PDF
Angela Alameda Hernández
Vol 3 (2002) Linguistics in applied linguistics : a historical overview Abstract   PDF
Tony Harris
Vol 15 (2017) Living in the posthuman network society: mobility and surveillance in “Blackhat” Abstract   PDF
Esther Muñoz González
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Man as Rescuer and Monster in Steven Spielberg's Film Text "Schindler's List" Abstract   PDF
José Díaz-Cuesta Galián
Vol 17 (2019) Margaret Atwood’s Visions and Revisions of "The Wizard of Oz" Abstract
Teresa Gibert
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Margaret Storm Jameson and the Spanish Civil War : The Fight for Human Values Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Birkett
Vol 8 (2010) Mary Reilly as Jekyll or Hyde : Neo-Victorian (re)creations of Feminity and Feminism Abstract   PDF
Marta Miquel Baldellou
Vol 14 (2016) Material culture and antihuman subjectivities in postmodernist literature Abstract   PDF
Belén Piqueras
Vol 3 (2002) Metaphor, metonymy and image-schemas : an analysis of conceptual interaction patterns Abstract   PDF
Olga Isabel Díez Velasco
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature Michael Ondaatje's "Rat Jelly" and the poetics of ambivalence Abstract   PDF
Sam Z. Solecki
Vol 13 (2015) Miller, Christopher R. 2015. "Surprise. The poetics of the unexpected from Milton to Austen". Ithaca and London: Cornell University. VIII, 269 pp. Abstract   PDF
Pedro Santana Martínez
Vol 4 (2004) Modifying nouns : an english-spanish corpus-based contrast of three word pairs Abstract   PDF
Noelia Ramón García
Vol 3 (2002) Moral pornography or ethical rhetoric? Abstract   PDF
Frédéric Regard
Vol 10 (2012) More than words : drama and spectrality for the articulation of trauma Abstract   PDF
Eva Gil Cuder
Vol 17 (2019) Moulding Malvolio into Modern Adaptations of “Twelfth Night” Abstract   PDF
Lisa-Jane Roberts
Vol 9 (2011) Multicultural Teamwork as a Source of Experiential Learning and Intercultural Development Abstract   PDF
María del Carmen Méndez García, María Luisa Pérez Cañado
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature "My father's daughter" : Deborah Milton's biography of silence Abstract   PDF
Carolina Sánchez Palencia Carazo, Manuel Almagro
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Narrative Genres and the Administration of Consciousness : The Case of Daisy Goodwill's Rebellion Abstract   PDF
María Jesús Hernáez Lerena
Vol 4 (2004) Narrative models in Tolkien's stories of middle-earth Abstract   PDF
Jaume Albero Poveda
Vol 15 (2017) Narrative representations of masculinity. The hard werewolf and the androgynous vampire in "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series" Abstract   PDF
Virginia Fusco
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Nature Imagined in S. T. Coleridge's "Meditative Poems" and Miguel de Unamuno's Poesías : A Study on Reception Abstract   PDF
Cristina Flores Moreno
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature New directions or the end of the road? Women's travel writing at the millennium Abstract   PDF
Maureen Mulligan
Vol 7 (2009) "Northanger Abbey", or, the passions of anti-structure : liminal Politics and Poetics in Jane Austen Abstract   PDF
Roberto Del Valle
Vol 13 (2015) Of death and dukes: "King Henry VI Part 2" and the "danse macabre" Abstract   PDF
Clayton MacKenzie
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Old English Ge- and the Descriptive Power of Nerthus Abstract   PDF
Francisco Javier Martín Arista
Vol 15 (2017) On the applicability of the dictionaries of Old English to linguistic research Abstract   PDF
Darío Metola Rodríguez
Vol 11 (2013) On third thoughts: the ambivalence of border crossing in Tommy Lee Jones’ "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" Abstract   PDF
Aitor Ibarrola Armendáriz
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