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Vol 4 (2004) Narrative models in Tolkien's stories of middle-earth Abstract   PDF
Jaume Albero Poveda
Vol 15 (2017) Narrative representations of masculinity. The hard werewolf and the androgynous vampire in "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series" Abstract   PDF
Virginia Fusco
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Nature Imagined in S. T. Coleridge's "Meditative Poems" and Miguel de Unamuno's Poesías : A Study on Reception Abstract   PDF
Cristina Flores Moreno
Vol 2 (2000): New voices in Literature New directions or the end of the road? Women's travel writing at the millennium Abstract   PDF
Maureen Mulligan
Vol 18 (2020) New ways of looking into handwritten miscellanies of the seventeenth century: the case of “Spes Altera” Abstract   PDF
Purificación Ribes Traver
Vol 7 (2009) "Northanger Abbey", or, the passions of anti-structure : liminal Politics and Poetics in Jane Austen Abstract   PDF
Roberto Del Valle
Vol 13 (2015) Of death and dukes: "King Henry VI Part 2" and the "danse macabre" Abstract   PDF
Clayton MacKenzie
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Old English Ge- and the Descriptive Power of Nerthus Abstract   PDF
Francisco Javier Martín Arista
Accepted Papers in Press ome Unexpected but Conspicuous Shortcomings in Toni Morrison’s Last Novel Abstract
Aitor Ibarrola-Armendariz
Vol 15 (2017) On the applicability of the dictionaries of Old English to linguistic research Abstract   PDF
Darío Metola Rodríguez
Vol 11 (2013) On third thoughts: the ambivalence of border crossing in Tommy Lee Jones’ "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" Abstract   PDF
Aitor Ibarrola Armendáriz
Vol 18 (2020) On “shapelings” and “childlings”: a linguistics approach to the emergence of new cultural borders between the unborn and the new-born child in EME (1500-1700) Abstract   PDF
Paloma Tejada-Caller
Vol 7 (2009) Overtness-covertness in advertising gender metaphors Abstract   PDF
Marisol Velasco Sacristán
Vol 4 (2004) Panther, K-U., and Thornburg. Eds. 2003. "Metonymy and pragmatic inferencing". Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 280 pp. Abstract   PDF
Javier Herrero Ruiz
Vol 10 (2012) Passion beyond death? Tracing "Wuthering Heights" in Stephenie Meyer's "Eclipse" Abstract   PDF
Marta Miquel Baldellou
Accepted Papers in Press Paul Auster’s Transcendentalism: Shifting Postmodern Sensibility in the New Millennium Abstract
Jesús Bolaño Quintero
Vol 8 (2010) Peeking behind the veil: Migratory women in Africa in Nuruddin Farah's "From a crooked Rib" (1970), "A naked needle" (1976) and "Knots" (2007), and Nadine Gordimer's "The pickup" (2001) Abstract   PDF
Brian Worsfold
Accepted Papers in Press Posthumanist trauma: An intrasectional approach to accountable determinacy in current North American narrative Abstract
Miriam Fernández-Santiago
Vol 9 (2011) Propositional Gerunds in English and Spanish Abstract   PDF
Ana Ojea
Vol 16 (2018) Psychopedagogical factors that affect L2 listening acquisition in diverse Spanish bilingual and non-bilingual instructional settings: multiple intelligences influence Abstract   PDF
Cristina Morilla García, Víctor Pavón Vázquez
Vol 4 (2004) Rater discrepancy in the spanish university entrance examination Abstract   PDF
Marian Amengual Pizarro
Vol 16 (2018) Reassessing John Steinbeck’s modernism: myth, ritual, and a land full of ghosts in “To a God Unknown” Abstract   PDF
Rebeca Gualberto
Vol 14 (2016) Rise of the living dead in Thomas Pynchon’s “Vineland” Abstract   PDF
Francisco Collado-Rodríguez
Vol 15 (2017) Roald Dahl’s look at the British Empire through his two short stories “Poison” and “Man from the South” Abstract   PDF
Luis de Juan
Vol 8 (2010) Rulers agains writers, writers against rules : the failed promise of the public sphere in postcolonial Nigerian fiction Abstract   PDF
Ayo Kehinde
Vol 4 (2004) Sally Fitzgerald, ed. 2004. "El hábito de ser", by Flannery O'Connor. Gustavo Martín Garzo. Trans. Francisco Javier Molina De La Torre. Salamanca: Ediciones Sígueme. 463 pp. Abstract   PDF
Gretchen Dobrott Bernard
Vol 15 (2017) Seduction as instruction: the female author as Pygmalion in long Eighteenth-Century quixotic novels Abstract   PDF
Miriam Borham-Puyal
Vol 18 (2020) Semantic primes in historical languages. The identification of the Old English exponent for DO Abstract   PDF
Raquel Mateo Mendaza
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics Semantic structure, realtional networks, and domains of reference Abstract   PDF
Francisco Santibáñez Sáenz
Vol 8 (2010) She lures, she guides, she quits : Femile characters in Tim Winton's "The Riders" Abstract   PDF
Mª Pilar Baines Alarcos
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics Some reflections on the origins of cognitive linguistics Abstract   PDF
Enrique Bernárdez Sanchís
Vol 8 (2010) Soothsaying song thrushes and life-giving snails : motifs in A.S. Byatt's "Babel Tower" and "A whistling woman" Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Anne Johnson
Vol 10 (2012) Structure and design of the British Law Report Corpus (BLRC) : a legal corpus of judicial decisions from the UK Abstract   PDF
Mª José Marín Pérez, Camino Rea Rizzo
Vol 17 (2019) Students, Teachers and Management Teams in Bilingual Programmes: Shared Perceptions and Areas for Improvement Abstract   PDF
Esther Nieto Moreno de Diezmas
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics Subsidiarity relationships between image-schemas : an approach to the force schema Abstract   PDF
María Sandra Peña Cervel
Vol 10 (2012) Swearing methodologically : the (im)politeness of expletives in anonymous commentaries on Youtube Abstract   PDF
Marta Dynel
Vol 4 (2004) Syntactic discontinuity in a dynamic model of expression rules Abstract   PDF
Francisco Javier Martín Arista
Vol. 5-6 (2005-2008): A tribute to Professor Carmelo Cunchillos Syntactic Valence in Role and Reference Grammar Abstract   PDF
Beatriz Martínez Fernández
Vol 11 (2013) Teaching refusal strategies in the foreign language classroom: a focus on inductive-deductive treatments Abstract   PDF
Alicia Martínez-Flor, Vicente Beltrán-Palanques
Vol 13 (2015) The black female slave takes literary revenge: Female gothic motifs against slavery in Hannah Crafts’s "The Bondwoman’s Narrative" Abstract   PDF
Vicent Cucarella-Ramon
Vol 12 (2014) The case of a twofold repetition: Edgar Allan Poe’s intertextual influence on Paul Auster’s "Ghosts" Abstract   PDF
María Laura Arce Álvarez
Vol 4 (2004) The changing role of "support" an "contiguity" : The hidden facet of the preposition "on" in Ols English Abstract   PDF
Carmen Guarddon Anelo
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics The cognitive motivation for adjective sequences in attribution Abstract   PDF
René Dirven
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics The contribution of cognitive anthropolinguistics to educational linguistics Abstract   PDF
José Manuel Martín Morillas
Vol 14 (2016) The deviant body in neo-Victorian literature: a somatechnical reading of the freak in Rosie Garland’s "The palace of curiosities" (2013) Abstract   PDF
Lin Elinor Pettersson
Vol 3 (2002) The dialectis of belonging in bell hooks' Bone Black : Memories Of Girlhood Abstract   PDF
Susana Vega González
Vol 12 (2014) The effects of written input on young EFL learners’ oral output Abstract   PDF
Mónica Amores Sánchez, Elisabet Pladevall Ballester
Vol 12 (2014) The efficacy of a reading aloud task in the teaching of pronunciation Abstract   PDF
María Martínez Adrián
Vol 3 (2002) The emotional control metaphors Abstract   PDF
Juan Carmelo Pérez Rull
Vol 7 (2009) "The fall of the house of Usher" : a master text for (Poe's) American Gothic Abstract   PDF
Marita Nadal
Vol 12 (2014) The flourishing of female playwriting on the Augustan stage: Mary Pix’s "The innocent mistress" Abstract   PDF
José M. Yebra
Vol 11 (2013) The impact of additional CLIL exposure on oral english production Abstract   PDF
Francisco Gallardo del Puerto, Esther Gómez Lacabex
Vol 15 (2017) The influence of CLIL on receptive vocabulary: a preliminary study Abstract   PDF
Kevin Iglesias Diéguez, María Martínez-Adrián
Vol 12 (2014) The insecure and the irrational: the southern european other in "The tradition of the castle; or, Scenes in the Emerald Isle" (1824) by Regina Maria Roche Abstract   PDF
Begoña Lasa Álvarez
Vol 8 (2010) The language of wounds and scars in Edwige Danticat's "The Dew Breaker" : a case in trauma symptoms and the recovery process Abstract   PDF
Aitor Ibarrola Armendáriz
Vol 13 (2015) The lemmatization of Old English Verbs from the second weak class on a lexical database Abstract   PDF
Marta Tío Sáenz
Vol 1 (1999): Cognitive Linguistics The metaphorical use of "on" Abstract   PDF
Ignasi Navarro Ferrando
Vol 3 (2002) The Moor's Last Sight : Spanish-Moorish exoticism and the gender of history in British Romantic poetry Abstract   PDF
Diego Saglia
Vol 14 (2016) The poetics of the river in Indian literature in English Abstract   PDF
Carmen Escobedo de Tapia, Ángela Mena González
Accepted Papers in Press The Quest for Whiteness in Willa Cather’s "My Ántonia" (1918) and Henry Roth’s "Call It Sleep" (1934) Abstract
Mireia Vives Martinez
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