Camel bird's "The White Garden" : symbols and images in a space of their own

María del Carmen Rodríguez Fernández


The White Garden shows the most worked, formal and contained use of the language existing in the chasm between the conscious and the unconscious. This is the territory that the novel explores because the female characters adopt different personifications and they subvert the personalities of the women they stand for enjoying the status of deluded women. The boundary between the conscious, the symbolic order superimposed by Goddard, and the unconscious, the pre-Oedipal phase in which the dreams strive to appear from the subconscious in the privacy of the cell becomes the mainstay of the novel. The outcome of all this is a rich and profuse web of influences and cross-referencing; a transposition of systems of signs that results in a dense and complex relationship whose imagery is achieved by means of the white garden, a representation of female freedom and triumph.

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