Space variations of the sediment texture in hillslopes of different aspect in semiarid environment (Aragon)

J. C. González Hidalgo, M. T. Echeverría, F. Pellicer


Textural sediment variations between top-bottom slope position have been studied in a semiarid environment (La Violada, Huesca, NE Spain). Differences are observed according slope aspect. In south aspect the covariability between coarse sand and fine sand with distance from divide is positive (>0.95), and negative with slope angle (>0.95). The same relationship is found with coarse silt, but with negative value. There are not been observed significant relationships between fine silt and clay subfraction witb distance and slope value. In north aspect slope tbere are not found any relationships between sand, silt and clay fraction with distance and slope value. Results are discussed according to erosion processes.


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