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Note to users: Articles in Press are peer reviewed, accepted articles to be published in this publication. When the final article is assigned to volumes/issues of the publication, the Article in Press version will be removed and the final version will appear in the associated published volumes/issues of the publication. The date an article was first made available online will be carried over. Please be aware that, although Accepted paper in Press do not have all bibliographic details available yet, they can already be cited using the DOI.

Table of Contents

María Aranda García, Francisco Javier Gracia Prieto, Inmaculada Rodríguez-Santalla
J.A.G. Cooper
Carla Garcia-Lozano, Francesc Xavier Roig-Munar, Aaron M. Santana-Cordero, Carolina Martí-Llambrich, Josep Pinto
Carlos Gonzalo, Vicente Burchard-Levine, Víctor Rolo, Rosario González-Cascón, Gerardo Moreno, M. Pilar Martín
Rosa Molina-Gil, Giorgio Manno, Carlo Lo Re, Giorgio Anfuso
Josep E. Pardo-Pascual, Jesús M. Palomar-Vázquez, Carlos Cabezas-Rabadán
Augusto Pérez-Alberti
Francesc Xavier Roig-Munar, Carla Garcia-Lozano, Antonio Rodríguez-Perea, José Ángel Martín-Prieto, Bernadi Gelabert