Forest influence in the hydrological processes: examples in the Valcebre research catchments (catalan Pre-Pyrenees)

P. Llorens, R. Poyatos, C. Rubio, J. Latrón, F. Gallart


The Vallcebre research catchments are representative of Mediterranean mountain areas with spontaneous afforestation by Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) as a consequence of the abandonment of agricultural practices since the middle of the XX century. In this context, hydrological processes have been modified as a consequence of the emergence of a mosaic of different land covers, formed by patches of the original oak forest (Quercus pubescens Willd.) or of Scots pine forest scattered in the old abandoned terraces mainly covered by mesophilous meadows. Water fluxes and stores have been studied at the Vallcebre research catchments with a twofold objective, the understanding of the processes describing the water use by different vegetation covers in areas with larger water deficits and the extrapolation of this knowledge at catchment scale by means of hydrological modelling.


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