Factors, prediction and implications in the allocation of land uses: revision and reflections

J. Alarcón Luque


The recent researches on the land uses are related to the interest that are receiving in the last years the ecosystems monitoring and ecological processes modelling, specially as a result of the constant urbanization, afforestation and progressive desertification that are affecting many countries, and with the objective to consolidate suitable policies of land management and resource conservation. Land use distribution results from the link between the ecosystems and the human action, which is often unbalanced and unpredictable. Theories and models look for significant indicators that show the landscape conditions, pressures and social claims. This paper is a bibliographical revision of some scientific studies by means of which several excellent aspects are introduced to have them in account in the landscape management and in the efficient allocation of land uses.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.1184

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