Computer tools for agricultural land management: potentials of the Annagnps model in Navarra

R. Giménez, J. Casalí, Y. Chahor


The Agricultural activity is largely affected by the fluctuating socioeconomic conditions of the region. Thus, an appropriate management of any agricultural land should anticipate potential changes in the land use and their consequences. For this, hydrological models are valuable aids. In Navarre, AnnAGNPS (Annualized Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Model) has been extensively evaluated, specifically in dry lands devoted to cereals. In sums, satisfactory results were obtained. In this paper the rudiment of the possible application of this model in the management of the agricultural activity in Navarre is given. In a small grain-sown watershed, different scenarios with alternative potential crops are recreated by the model. In each case, the effect of these changes on the runoff and sediment generation -average annual values- at the watershed outlet are estimated. Overall, AnnAGNPS appears as a promising tool for assessing the effect of the agricultural activity on the environment in the long run; and then for helping implementing adequate land management practices.



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