Application of terrestrial laser scanner techniques for monitoring dynamic geomorphological processes: snow accumulation and ice masses in mountain areas

J. Revuelto, J. I. López-Moreno, César Azorín-Molina, G. Arguedas, Sergio Martín Vicente-Serrano, Alfredo Serreta


This paper presents the application of a long range terrestrial laser scanner for monitoring snow accumulation and evolution of glaciers in the Pyrenees. With this study we are showing the great potential of the methodology presented for studies in mountain environments, particularly in research related to the cryosphere monitoring in relation to climate variability and the complex topography typical of mountain environments. We present a comprehensive protocol for the acquisition and processing of point clouds measured by a laser scanner (RIEGL LPM-321) for the generation of digital terrain models, in order to compare the models obtained at different times. Thus it is possible to obtain snow thickness and changes of ice thickness. As case studies, results from two small ice masses located in the massif of Monte Perdido and snow accumulation on a small basin located in the Tena Valley are presented.


terrestrian laser scanner, snow, glacier, Pyrenees.


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