Application of a distributed 2D overland flow model for rainfall/runoff and erosion simulation in a Mediterranean watershed

C. Juez, A. Tena, J. Fernández-Pato, R.J. Batalla, P. García-Navarro


Soil erosion has reemerged as an environmental problem associated with climate change that requires the help of simulation tools for forecasting future consequences. This topic becomes even more relevant in Mediterranean catchments due to the highly variable and irregular rainfall regime. Hence, an approach that includes the rainfall/runoff and erosion phenomena is required for quantifying the amount of soil the catchments are transferring to the rivers. As the calibration process of the infiltration and erosion parameters can become cumbersome in terms of iterations to the optimal values to fit experimental data, a Simplified Catchment Model (SCM) is introduced as a first approach. The set of tuning constants that provides the best fit are used as input for re-calibrating the parameters by means of the simulation of the real catchment. The modeling effort here presented opens its application to the analysis of the hydro-sedimentary processes at larger temporal and spatial scales.


soil erosion; 2D overland modeling; Mediterranean watershed; calibration; finite volume

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