Resultados preliminares de las pérdidas de suelo en zona agrícola del Penedés (Cataluña, España)

M. A. Marques, J. Roca


This concerns the evaluation of soil loss through runoff erosion in the agricultura! zones. The area of ·study is situated in the tectonic trench of Penedes (Province of Barcelona), basically made up of neoge and quaternary materials. The quantification of the erosive processes is carried out on experimental plots intalled on prívate estates. It is based on the data obtained from two fundamental variables: climate and runoff. For this purpose we have set up a series of typical meteorological instruments and gathering devices to collect both solid and liquid discharge brought down by the overland flow. These are similar to Gerlach troughs but on a larger scale.
During 1983 the soil losses in this experimental zone were 2.4 kg/m2 . The erosion took place atan uneven rate. From a total of 46 rainy days only 11 produced results and 3 of these were responsible for 92% of the total erosion.


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