Lluvias torrenciales y cambios geomórficos en una pequeña cuenca de montaña : el barranco de la Cuesta de la Vega (Valencia)

Alejandro J. Pérez Cueva, Adolfo Calvo Cases


In this paper the effects of great magnitude -450 mm.- as well as high continued intensity -> 90 mm. for 3h.- storm-rains have been studied for a small mediterranean drainage basin (Ayora, Valencia). Such rains caused anormal flows -between 11.2 y 38.2 m3/sec/km2- and the reactivation of erosiona! and aggradational processes, especially at flat bottomed valleys with terrace culture, where new channels were formed. Severa! types of deposits and erosiona! phenomena are established; among them valley amplitude, local slopes, culture abandonment (in a positive sense ), and valley floor terracing are pointed out.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.934

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