Pulsación diaria de la carga suspendida y disuelta en la escorrentía de fusión nival

Bernardo Alvera, Juan Puigdefábregas


The suspended and dissolved load behaviour along the daily pulse of melting has been analyzed in a small pyrenean catchment (0,4 Km2) at 1.800 m. altitude on eocene flysch. Along five clear days, representative of the sno w season, samples of water were taken in several points of the catchment for measuring a number of physical and chemical variables. Results show that discharge peaks double the baseflow, suspended load grows with melting bursts, total dissolved load, conductivity, calcium, sodium and nitrate show dilution effects whereas potassium and total dissolved phosphate display a variable behaviour. The lower and concave sector of the catchment in the main sediment source owing to the saturation produced by subsurface runoff.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.938

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