Forms and processes of erosion in the slope evolution of the sierra de la demanda, iberian system

J. Arnáez Vadillo


Taking as area of study the Sierra de la Demanda, old Palaeozoic massif situated in the northwest sector of the Ibverian System, we pretend to bring foward information about the distribution of dominante processes in its slopes and about factors that explain their spatial organization. Some have been measured partially on the terrain to value its dynamics and incidence. Of other we know only its spatial distriubtion, starting from this data we have an appproximate notion about the temporal-spatial situations in which they are produced and about the phenomenons which they generate them. All that has led as to establish an altitudinal gradation of morphogenertic predominant system. Particularly, we observe a higher level over 1.700 m., affected by snow and its seasonal fusion and other level, under below 1.700 m., which shares as much the effects of the liquid precipitacion, mainly at heights below than 1.500 m., as those of snow, although last one shows up in smaller numbers than the previous system. In this level the tree cover has proved fundamentl in the hydromorphological functioning of slopes.


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