Flow outline in an active rock glacier (Skjoldalur, Iceland): application of lichenometric techniques

Javier Chueca Cía


The use of lichernometric techniques in the active Skjoldalur I rock glacier (Iceland) has allowed us to quantify the existence of signifcant differences in its superficial dynamics. The study was carried out starting from a suffciently representative sampling procedure constituted by a grid of 48 control-points scattered through the rock glacier surface. In each localitie the ten largest Rhizocarpon geographicurn (s.l.) diameters and the cover percentage was measured. Data statistical treatment (from a three-way ANOVA analysis and application of non-parametric tests) confirmed the presence of prejerential flow línes in the rock glacier movement patterns attributed to an irregularly distributed ice-core.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.994

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