Hidrological functioning in semiarid areas : the experimental catchments of the Sierra del Picarcho , Murcia (Spain)

V. M. Castillo, A. Gómez Plaza, M. Martínez-Mena, J. Albaladejo


The hydrology of semiarid areas is characterized by irregular and sporadic events and a tremendous spatio-temporal variability of control factors. In 1997, experimental watersheds were installed in Sierra del Picarcho (Cieza, Murcia) to identify the factors controlling runoff generation at different study scales, to study the spatial and temporal variability of control factors, and to model the hydrological response. The runoff data measured in experimental plots and catchments for three years are showed.At catchment scale, temporal evolution of soil moisture content was studied and the jactors that controlled identified.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.1064

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