Interactions of geomorphic processes and components distribution in the soil surface in relation to evolution of badlands in Tabernas (Almeria)

A. Calvo Cases, R. W. Alexander, E. Arnau-Rosalén, J. Bevan, Y. Cantón, R. Lázaro, J. Puigdefábregas, A. Solé-Benet


This paper tries to analyse the relationships between the soil surface components patches distributed along a badlands area and the factors (topographical, geomorphological and historical) affecting this spatial distribution. The soil surface components maps has been obtained by a high resolution multi-spectral image classification and also a detailed digital elevation model has been made in order to obtain topographical parameters, together with field work and previous knowledge of the area on processes and landforms evolution, constitute the dataset. Results show how the landforms history and operating surface processes interacts and is reflected on the soil surface components distribution.


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