Tipos de escorrentía y ritmo de evacuación de sedimentos en la Sierra de la Demanda : Sistema Ibérico

José Arnáez Vadillo, José M. García-Ruiz


To relate the changes in flow with solid load and to analyze the relative importance of the different flows which take place on slopes, we have measured flow, suspended load and water conductivity in two basins of the Sierra de la Demanda, one with a significant forestry cover and the other with an almost complete absence of forest. Solid load and flow are closely related all year long, but in many events the basin covered by forest has a greater loss of sediments, though, in any case, the figures are very low. Most of the runoff of this basin takes place through pipes which proved to be the most efficient in sediment transport, at least during snowmelt

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.921

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