Disolución de rocas carbonatadas : Cuantificación del proceso actual de karstificación en el macizo de la Piedra de San Martín (Pirineo Occidental)

Jerónimo López Martínez


Precipitation, springs and several internal points of the Piedra de San Martín Massif have been sampled along one year during the four climatic seasons. This is one of the most important karstic complexes of the Pyrenees and also of the world.
The aproximate cuantification of the solution rate of the Santonian limestones has been established on basis of the results of the chemical analysis and climatic and hydrologic data. It amounts to 125 mm. per thousand years.
Data observed in the Piedra de San Martín are in good agreement with the known data precipitation is the most important factor among those controlling the main reaction in the karstification proces (H20-C02-C03Ca): precipitation, temperature and partial pressure of C02 .
Our data confirm a lineal relation between denudation in a karstic massif and precipitation. There is a good correlation with graphics showing this relationship fof several Earth places with different climates.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.930

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