Datos preliminares de la exportación de materia disuelta y particulada en una cuenca de encinar

M. J. Lledó, A. Escarre


In the last two years, a 55,5 ha watershed, eovered by an evergreen-oak forest has bt?en monitored for hydrologieal and nutrient fluxes. Preliminar y results on dissolved and partieulate outputs with the runoff are presented here, and eompared with data obtained in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Dissolved output has been ealeulated with daily water flow data and weekly eoneentration values for the different ions. The amounts exported in the two years are 99,8 and 139,5 kg. hao! yr!, eorresponding to yearly water flows of 44,3 and 60,3 mm. Partieulate malter has been sampled with a trap, a net and filtering water. In eaeh fraetion the organie and inorganic components has been measured. The particulate output is 0,98 kg. hao! in the first year, and only 0,52 kg. hao! in the second. This values are minimal if compared with export data from other mature ecosystems very conservative in your particulate exportation. The little loss of partieulate matter is related to the minimal yearly water runof!' only the 14,2% of the water input in precipitation, but other meehanismes minimizing erodibility are also important.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.942

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