Análisis y aplicación del factor climático de Fournier en la estimación de la erosión específica en la región de Madrid

Juan Guerra, Fernando López Vera


The erosive power of rainfall va/uation, expressed as Specific Degradation, (tons/km2/year) Llsing Fournier empirica/ method, has been used fre-cuently with variable results. It is beco use ¡nitio! hy/wtJ¡esis are not frecuently respected. Fournier says that on large basins, tlle l'llriofls factors fixing slope erosion are mínimum, resulting erosion filllctioll (~r climatie ('oeffídent p2/ P, being p annual rainfall of the rainiest montll, (1m! P. the wllO/e annual rainfall. For this cause a striet rainfall ana!ysis is indispellsah!e. This paper shows a metodology in order lo ohtain complete amI homogeneous rainfall data. It has been aplied for an area of 7.994 km.! ill Madrid Regíon along a period of 80 years, drawing 01Jf tlUl/ this pOlell/ia/ erosioll is very high, about 1.000 fo 3.000 tons/km2/year.


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