Riverside vegetation and their dynamic relationship with the antropic factor. The example of low courses of SE Malaga rivers

Rosalía Bejarano Palma


Riverside vegetation has a special interest, since it is an original environment (the moisture ofsoUfavours the development of plants that escape from regional climatic control), very dinamic and also.fragile. The particular case of channels under study is very complex, since these are no permanent streams or "ramblas".
After conceptualization and methodologic notes, a short physiographic descrlption of the studied area is showed in the paper. After this, data about the present distribution of plants in the channels of Velez, Seco II y Chillar rivers are analysed. In the last section the present situation is compared with the potential vegetation in a purpose of approach to the dynwnics of vegetation of the studied channels.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.991

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