Estudio de los procesos de regeneración vegetal postincendio en parcelas experimentales mediante radiometría de campo

R. Montorio, F. Pérez Cabello, A. García Martín, J. de la Riva


Vegetation is one of the components of the ecosystems more affected by the fire and its destruction is, indeed, the most immediate and visible of its effects. In the same way, vegetal regeneration processes are a clear sign of the ecosystems recovery. These vegetal regeneration processes depends on the interaction of multiple factors (biotic and abiotic) which take place in different intensity/severity fire scenes. In this context, this work has as objective to study vegetal regeneration processes in two climatically contrasted environments (semiarid and subatlantic). It presents a methodology based on the controlled burning of experimental plots and on the capture of spectral information by means of a field spectro-radiometer during a period of two years. Collected data have shown important differences in the behavior of the two experimental stations, differences which can be summarize in the presence of quick vegetal regeneration processes in the subatlantic environment and their absence in the semiarid one. The low influence shown by some analyzed variables such as prefire vegetation level or immediate severity level allows concluding that, in these vegetal communities, the climatic variable is the one which influences vegetal regeneration processes.


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