Surface dynamic and current status of the Madaleta rock glacier (Pyrenees)

M. González García, E. Serrano, J. J. Sanjosé Blasco, J. J. González Trueba


The Maladeta Occidental rock glacier is located in the Maladetas massif (Central Pyrenees). A geomorphologic analysis of detail, complemented by continuous ground thermal measurement, bottom temperature of winter snowcover (BTS) and the control of its dynamics by means of geomatics techniques, allow demonstrating the recent activity of this periglaciar landform. Systematic monitoring using differential GPS in fifteen fixed points distributed by the rock glacier surface, show the vertical and horizontal variations during the field survey 2008, 2009 and 2010. Dynamics recorded for the present time responds to a rock glacier model of low activity in clear thermal imbalance, with fast interannual variations. The location in marginal periglacial environments of high temperate mountain like the Pyrenees, make it a useful morphoclimatic geoindicator.


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