A review of the rainfall simulators and its applications to the Geomorphology

A. Cerdá


During the last decades, Geomorphologists have developed a huge variety of scientific instruments as in the field as in the laboratory. Within the invented apparatus stand out the rainfall simulators, which have been used with different objectives since the 30s. His scientific benefit produced an increase in the variety of sizes, drop-formers, frames, rainfall characteristics, etc., for rainfall simulators based on drop former (tips) and on spray-nozzles systems. This paper reviews the history and the evolution of the rainfall simulators, and discusses the advantages and inconvenience of the simulated rainfall. We also point out the main uses: soil erosion rates measurements runoff, infiltration, etc. In Spain, rainfall simulator expansion started during the 80s, although during the last decade they have been used for the majority of the soil erosion research groups. A broad literature revision is presented in order to give information of the designed rainfall simulator and the modifications of the original apparatus.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.1036

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