The rock glacier of the Cerro Krund , Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

J. M. Redondo Vega


In the Sierra of Alvear, Tierra del Fuego, the Cerro Krund is located overhead the ski Cerro CastorArea. In the South slope of the Cerro Krund, to 900 m a.s.l., an active rockglacier is siting as they attest the presence of interstitial ice and of cracks in track slope that crosses it. The area is subjected to morfoclimatic periglacial conditions that have substituted to the glaciers from the initiate deglaciation 10-9 ka. BP aproximately. The periglacial dynamic and some favorable morfo-estructural conditions (fragmentation of the rock, extensive outcrop when the glacier ice has disappeared) and tectonics (regional high seismic character) they are the factors that have favored the rockglacier genesis.


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