Avalanches in the Alto Sil (Western Cantabrian Mountain, spain)

J. Santos González, J. M. Redondo Vega, A. Gómez Villar, R. B. González Gutiérrez


For the first time in a sector of the Cantabrian Mountains, the Alto Sil, a detailed avalanche hazard cartography has been carried out. This cartography is based in field observations, inquiries to local people and the use of a Geographic Information System. In a first approach we define areas with suitable slopes, orientations, altitudes and vegetation cover for avalanches. So, we present maps with recent avalanches areas, high risk avalanche areas and low risk avalanche areas. Finally, two maps are showed like example of zones where avalanches are more relevant, the Valseco and Villarino del Sil areas

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18172/cig.1224

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