Current dynamic of nivation hollows in the Alto Sil (Cantabrian Mountain)

J. Santos González, J. M. Redondo Vega, A. Gómez Villar, R. B. González Gutiérrez


From 2003 to 2009 it has been tracked snowpatches in Alto Sil, in the Cantabrian Mountains. This work allowed us to locate 8 nivation hollows in this area. Currently 6 of them could be considered as active and 2 of them as inactive. A more detail study around Joyas del Nevadín and Valdeiglesia nivation hollows, allowed us to check the snow erosion activity. It was observed an strong relation between the quantity of snow and the dinamic of the nivation hollow. The snow sliding provokes nival striae and clast displacements. Besides, the erosion of rock outcrops is intense in this area. In these locations, it has also been analyzed teh duration of the snow cover which seems to be reduced in the last 20-30 years, probably due to a decrease in the snow volume in these mountains and to changes on land uses.



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